DSDSweb Quicklook Plots - Development

The DSDSweb quicklook system is intended to provide early visibility of scientific data from the joint China and ESA Double Star mission.

The system is a development of CSDSweb, a similar system put in place for ESA's Cluster mission.

The DSDSweb software is developed and maintained by the Space Data Processing and Archiving Group as part of the EPOS activities at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK; and by the Double Star instrument teams, who provide parameter production software or pre-processed data for inclusion in the plots. Routine data production and web server access are provided by the OEAW in Austria and the CSSAR in China.

Further details about the design and development of DSDSweb can be found on the RAL Twiki page.

Please send comments and suggestions for additions and improvements to Jackie Davies and Chris Perry.

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