DSDSweb Quicklook Plots - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How quickly does the data appear on the DSDSweb Quicklook Plots pages? Is near-real-time data available?
A. DoubleStar is not a near-real-time mission. During normal operations DoubleStar records data onboard which is then transferred to the ground some time later. Data will normally appear on these pages several days after acquisition.

Q. Is the data used to generate the quicklook plots available?
A. The simple answer is no. The quicklook system does not make use of the most up-to-date processing algorithms or calibration files and produces data that has not been validated or verified by the PI teams. Therefore it has been decided that the data used to generate the plots will not be made available.

Q. Can I present the quicklook plots at conferences or include them in publications?
A. See the disclaimer at the bottom of each plot page. The data is not considered to be of publication quality and should not be used as the basis of a scientific study without discussion with the relevant PI teams (who will be in a position to provide higher quality products).

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