East Meets West on "Double Star", a Joint Mission to Explore Earth's Magnetic Field
Double Star (DSP) is a joint ESA/Chinese project to study the effects of the Sun on the Earth's environment, and in particular the 'magnetotail', where storms of high-energy particles are generated.
As a part of the DSP Ground Data System the European Data Disposition System (EDDS) has two main tasks:
  • mirroring the Double Star raw data from China to Europe
  • providing access to the raw data to the European instrument teams and data centres

The web services of the EDDS currently includes:

Furthermore, the EDDS hosts an installation of the DSDSweb. These web pages present the latest results as quicklook plots. The DB content pages are linked with these quicklook results.

The EDDS is located at and operated by the "Institut für Weltraumforschung" (IWF, Space Research Institute) of the "Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften" (Austrian Academy of Sciences) in Graz, Austria. 
The IWF also manages the Austrian Double Star Data Centre, which provides access to the Standard Data Prodcuts of DSP.