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Select instruments by clicking the checkboxes. You may select more than one instrument. Selecting none at all counts as all of them. You can also restrict the search by date using the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' boxes (use a YYYY-MM-DD format). Press the 'Reset' button to clear the selections and 'Submit' when ready to continue. See Database Contents for data availability.

 TC1   TC2  Instrument
    ASPOC - Active Spacecraft Potential Control
    DWP - Digital Wave Processor
  FGM - Flux Gate Magnetometer
  HEED - High Energy Electron Detector
  HEPD - High Energy Proton Detector
    HIA - Hot Ion Analyzer
  HID - Heavy Ion Detector
    LEID - Low Energy Ion Detector
    LFEW - Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Detector
    NUADU - Neutral Atom Imager
  PEACE -Plasma Electron and Current Experiment
    STAFF - Spatial/Temporal of Field Fluctuations
  Auxillary Parameters

Start Date End Date

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 TC1  DoubleStar 1 (Equatorial)  TC2  DoubleStar 2 (Polar)
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