Welcome to the Austrian Data Centre

This page provides access to data from the Double Star mission. See the Database Contents page to see what data is currently available. Some of this data is proprietary and subject to access controls. Please read the rules of use , or see the DSDS Users Guide.

From November 2009 the restriction on access to the Double Star Prime Parameter data has been lifted in order to promote cross-mission science investigations. You will no longer be asked for username and password when accessing these data. The rules of use for these data remain unchanged.

Prime Parameters These PP data are available to all for browsing and event selection purposes ONLY. Users MUST contact the appropriate PI for guidance and information on data analysis. These data are NOT for scientific use. Incorrect use will lead to incorrect science. Users should be aware that in 2010, High -Resolution, science quality Double Star data will become available via the Cluster Active Archive.
Summary Parameters These data have a one-minute resolution and are available to all.
EPOS Events Catalogues These files have public access and contain spacecraft positions, orbital and scientific events. Data are provided by the European Payload Operations Service (EPOS).
Quicklook Plots: Chinese Site or European Site These are unvalidated quicklook plots of data from one spacecraft. They are available within several days of the data being acquired on the spacecraft. Further information on DSDSweb is available here.